BCG Partners

Joseph M. Coyle

Joseph Coyle, the founder of the Business Communications Group, is the co-author of “Leadership Frames, 2nd Edition,” a book that serves as the foundation for his leadership presentations and seminars. Mr. Coyle served as a speechwriter for the Environmental Fund and for White House political appointees and was an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland, College Park. Through his business analysis and planning sessions, Mr. Coyle helps executive teams think through their business processes and results. In his role as executive coach, he helps leaders improve their communication and leadership skills.

Mr. Coyle holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics from Georgetown University and has completed graduate work at George Washington University and the National University of Mexico, Mexico City.

Sally E. DiPaula

As the director of writing and editing services for Business Communications Group, Sally DiPaula manages writing projects from concept and design to final production and publication. She has completed a wide range of assignments such as annual reports for corporations and federal government agencies, training programs, abstracts, corporate newsletters, press release and brochures.

Ms. DiPaula has taught technical writing and composition at Montgomery College in Maryland and holds a Master’s degree in English Language and Linguistics from the University of Maryland.

Joseph Hospital

Joseph Hospital, co-author of “Leadership Frames, 2nd Edition,” is the senior managing partner of Dogfish Head Alehouses located in Maryland and Virginia. Previously, Mr. Hospital served as an operations vice president for the Marriott Corporation, overseeing the operation of more than 100 restaurants and 3,000 employees. In addition, he has served as a business consultant to entrepreneurs developing new restaurant concepts.

Most recently, he created a new restaurant concept, Full On Craft Eats & Drink, with the inaugural location in Olney, Maryland.